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Mother's Day Brunch Ideas & Wine Pairing

While any day is a good day to shower your mum, stepmum, mother-in-law, wife, partner, grandma, or any other special maternal figure in your life with love, attention and appreciation, Mother’s Day presents a lovely opportunity to do something a little more thoughtful.

If you’re keen to kick things up a notch this year, why not surprise your mum with an unforgettable Mother’s Day brunch paired with the perfect wine?

From sweet treats to savoury and satisfying taste sensations, we’ve come up with some fantastic Mother’s Day brunch and wine pairing ideas guaranteed to make you her favourite family member for years to come.


Mother’s Day Brunch – Ideas and Tips

Not sure what your Mother’s Day Brunch menu should feature? A good starting point is to consider whether your mum is more partial to sweet or savoury flavours and tailor your dishes accordingly.

And since brunch is typically enjoyed before midday, it’s best to select easy-drinking, light-bodied wines that won’t overpower your brunch dishes (or your mum!) so early in the day.

Champagne, Sparkling Wine, Moscato and Rosé are classic brunch pairings. But if your mum prefers to celebrate without alcohol, you can still offer the same elevated brunch experience with our delicious range of non-alcoholic wines.

Here are our top picks for brunch ideas your mum will love.

French Toast

French toast is a traditional favourite for brunch. It can be effortlessly whipped up in no time with a few staple ingredients. The heavenly combination of fluffy eggs and bread, lightly covered with sweet maple syrup, accompanied by a side of fresh fruit, is an indulgent experience that is sure to impress.

Moscato is the perfect choice to complement the caramelised flavours of French toast and enhance the sweetness of the syrup and fruit.

Suggested pairing:

2021 McGuigan Cellar Select Moscato – also pairs with pancakes and maple syrup.

Eggs Benedict

If your mum is a bacon and eggs kinda gal, serving up a classic Eggs Benedict for brunch will definitely earn you some brownie points. Top a toasted English muffin with crispy bacon or smoked salmon, and crown it with a perfectly poached egg that’s smothered in creamy hollandaise sauce.

To balance out the richness of this dish, a lively and refreshing Sparkling Wine with a dry finish is an ideal choice. Or, for a lighter option, half-fill your flute glass with bubbles and top it up with chilled orange juice for a celebratory brunch Mimosa.

Suggested pairing:

2022 McGuigan Mastercraft Premium Cuvée – also pairs with French pastries, corn fritters, salmon blinis, or smashed avo on toast.


Looking for a way to pamper your chocolate-loving mum this Mother's Day? Serve her a plate of crispy, golden waffles served with a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream and generously drizzled with warm chocolate sauce. Add a side of fresh strawberries for an extra pop of fruity sweetness.

And to take this decadent brunch to the next level, pour a splash of our heavenly coffee cream liqueur into her morning coffee to kickstart the day’s celebrations.

Suggested pairing:

McGuigan Chocolate Coffee Cream – also pairs with banana bread, cinnamon scrolls or chocolate muffins.

Vegetable Frittata

An Italian omelette, or 'frittata', is a delicious, easy and substantial brunch dish that can be easily shared among a large group. Whether you pack your frittata full of vegetables or include other ingredients like creamy goat's cheese or spicy chorizo, this dish is a surefire crowdpleaser.

For a match made in brunch heaven, pair a frittata's robust, savoury flavours with the luscious fruit flavours and dry finish of a Provincial-style Rosé.

Suggested pairing:

2022 McGuigan Mastercraft Rosé – also pairs with croque madame, mushrooms on toast or shakshuka

McGuigan Zero varietals and assorted mocktails

Non-alcoholic wine options that pair well with brunch

If you prefer to keep your Mother's Day brunch alcohol-free, our McGuigan Zero collection includes a fantastic range of non-alcoholic wines with the same vibrant taste and flavours as your favourite full-strength wines.

For a versatile option that pairs well with a wide range of brunch dishes, we recommend serving your mum a flute of our delicious McGuigan Zero Alcohol Sparkling Wine.

And if you’re feeling creative, why not put your mixologist skills to the test and make these appetising alcohol-free mocktails featuring McGuigan Zero wines?

If you plan on creating a memorable brunch for your beloved mum this year, make sure you have the perfect bottle to commemorate the occasion.

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