McGuigan Cream choco & coffee cream with glass of cream liqueur and ice

4 Ways To Enjoy McGuigan Choco & Coffee Cream

Our new Chocolate Coffee Cream is creamy and delicious, combining vanilla, chocolate, and coffee notes to create the most indulgent treat. If curiosity wasn’t enough for you to you try it for yourself, we’ve pulled together a tempting list of some of the best ways you can enjoy our Chocolate Coffee Cream, no matter your style!

Bottle of McGuigan choco coffee cream next to a glass of McGuigan choco coffee cream over ice with coffee beans

Choco & Coffee Cream Over Ice

Sometimes you can’t go past a classic. This is a simple, easy way to experience all the flavours of our McGuigan Choc Coffee cream without any additional add-ons. All you need is your glass of choice and some ice.
Fill your glass with ice and pour over McGuigan Cream to enjoy!

Afternoon Coffee With A Twist

A delicious afternoon pick-me-up, combine your coffee with the McGuigan Chocolate Coffee Cream to create the creamiest, most indulgent coffee you’ll ever taste. The coffee will enhance the coffee notes within the cream and the milkiness of the Choc Coffee Cream can be used as your milk substitute. So, all you need is an espresso or long black, add in the McGuigan Coffee Cream until it’s at your ideal milkiness and you’re good to go.

Choco & Coffee Cream For Dessert? Yes, please!

For those who like the sweeter side of life, this option is perfect for you. Using your favourite ice-cream as a base, cover with McGuigan Chocolate Coffee Cream and add your toppings of choice. Some of our favourites include, crushed up chocolate flakes, salted pretzels or sugar covered nuts.

McGuigan Choco Coffee Cream Cocktail on a wooden board

Cocktail O'clock

If you’re more of the experimental type, you might want to try putting our Choc Coffee Cream into your favourite cream-based cocktail. A crowd favourite is the Mudslide. You’ll need to buy a few additional ingredients for this recipe, but once you try one of these cocktails, you’ll be making them on the regular in no time! You’ll be making


What you’ll need:

• Your favourite cocktail glasses

• Chocolate syrup

• Ice

• 60ml coffee-flavoured liqueur

• 60ml vodka

• 60ml McGuigan Chocolate Coffee Cream

• 100ml double cream


How to Make:

Drizzle Chocolate Syrup around the side of your glass of choice.

Combine our McGuigan Choc Coffee Cream, vodka, coffee liqueur and heavy cream along with two handfuls of ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake until cold and then strain the drink into your cocktail glass. If you feel like going the extra mile, you can even garnish with shaved chocolate or edible coffee beans.