McGuigan Zero Rose Bottle being poured into a glass

To go alcohol-free or not this July

Going Alcohol-Free this July? We've got you Covered.

23 Mar 2021

There are many reasons why some of us have increased our alcohol consumption over the last couple of months living in isolation. It has been a tough time, so a little glass of wine at the end of the day, doesn’t hurt, does it? Whether you have been adjusting to working from home, spending 24/7 with your partner, or have had the added task of home-schooling children, we know it has been an incredibly stressful time. Then there are some who have lost their job or been placed on Job Keeper and have been looking for ways to fill their days to keep busy and occupied. The trouble with working from home, or being at home more, is that you might have a glass of wine a little earlier than usual, which could then mean a glass or two more than you planned. At McGuigan Wines, our passion is wine – every day we are driven to make better wine today than we did yesterday. We are continuously testing, trialling, and tasting wines, and whilst a day job for us, we still recognise the importance of having a balanced lifestyle and always drinking responsibly and in moderation.


So, a month off the booze is a good idea, right? You could raise much-needed funds for charity and do something great for other people at the same time. It might also be a much-needed detox you did not realise you needed if you have been consuming more recently than you usually would.


Then again, the timing could not be more off…The pubs are open again! You can socialise again! You can go out for dinner! What if there is a party, a dinner or a birthday celebration planned, and you don’t want to feel like the odd one out?


mcguigan zero mocktailWell, we have some great news for you! This July there is a whole new array of fabulous alcohol-free alternatives for you to try. Going dry this July still allows you to drink beer, wine and spirits! Starting with wine, our latest and most innovative range of wines, McGuigan Zero is now available in five new varietals – Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Rosé, Shiraz and Sparkling. You can buy this in-store or online at most bottle shops, including LiquorLand, First Choice Liquor and some Independent bottle shops. If your local bottle shop doesn’t have it, let them know about it and we can arrange to have it stocked. At just $12 a bottle, McGuigan Zero is free from alcohol but full in flavour, with 0 standard drinks and less than 0.05% residual alcohol, so it's perfect for Dry July challenges! It also is a better alternative to some other non-alcoholic drinks you might reach for when going alcohol-free. It’s lower in calories than standard alcoholic wine (less than 55 calories per 250ml glass in our Rosé), it contains lower sugar than some juices and soft drinks, it’s gluten-free and contains no sweeteners, additives or refined sugar. Be sure to try your favourite variety today and let us know what you think!


Friday night and fancy a cold beer? There is now a great range of alcohol-free beers available for you to try this July. Carlton Zero was the first Zero beer to launch into the Australian market back in August 2018 and is perfect for beer lovers who want more opportunities to enjoy beer responsibly. Slightly hoppy with a fruity aroma, it is a full-flavoured classic beer, which beer drinkers have come to embrace. Heineken Zero is another alcohol-free beer alternative that is full of flavour and super refreshing. A great option for BBQs, or to unwind on a Friday after work. Like McGuigan Zero, Heineken Zero has lower calories than alcoholic beer, with 21 calories per 100ml.


If you are after something a little bit fancy how about the alcohol-free spirit Seedlip? Often described as gin, and typically served with tonic, it is a distilled spirit of botanicals without the alcohol. At around $50 a bottle, it is an investment for the month but allows you to get creative with mocktails – a perfect first drink for an alcohol-free dinner party. The Seedlip Grove 42 is a zesty and complex, citrus-forward blend of three types of orange & uplifting spice distillates. Serve with Tonic and a twist of an orange peel to garnish – yum!


So, with that in mind, are you going to do go alcohol-free this July? There is no better time to stock up and experiment with these exciting and innovative brands. If you are still not convinced in completing a whole month alcohol-free, we do recommend you try them and add them in for the odd occasion, perhaps when you’re designated driver, pregnant or on medication.

Stay safe, and good luck to those undertaking the challenge!