Win all your bills paid for a year

Win Zero Bills for a Year!

2021 Zero Bill competition is now closed. Congratulations to our winners.

1 Jul 2021

Our Zero Bills Winners Are Announced:

Congratulations to:


Win Zero Bills for a Year is back!

We don’t know what your bills are for the year, but for most of us $20,000 would at least put a sizable dent in those expenses!

Here’s the best part! We will give you straight-up cash, via EFTPOS deposited directly into your bank account! There are no gimmicks or hoops to jump through. We will not ask to see any of your bills. We will not ask to see any receipts. You can spend the cash as you see fit.

  • You could literally pay off all your bills.
  • You could pay off your car or update your kitchen.
  • You could go on an awesome shopping spree.
  • You could visit us in the Hunter Valley! We can help you plan your trip to see all the best wineries that the Hunter Valley has to offer.

So how do you enter?

It is really simple. You can buy McGuigan wine from ANY shop or online store in Australia. It could be red wine, white wine or sparkling. The key is to make sure you get a receipt that shows you have purchased McGuigan Wines!

To enter you take a photograph of the receipt with your phone and upload it to before 30/09/21. Prize to be drawn 14/10/21.

A bonus with this promotion is that you can enter for EVERY bottle that you have purchased. So, if you buy 4 bottles of McGuigan Wine on the one receipt, you can use that receipt to enter 4 times. The data will be prepopulated, so you don’t need to enter it all again. You simply press submit again.

Make sure not to enter any more times than you are allowed. If you win, we check all the receipts you have entered with to make sure they are legitimate. Any additional entries will mean the prize will be forfeited and it will be given to the next eligible winner. Someone last year lost $20,000 because they entered one more time than they should have.

women and men having lunch on the balcony with mcguigan black label wine and mcguigan zero roseThere are three prizes of $20,000 up for grabs! This means that every entry you upload will have three chances to win the cash! If you buy 4 bottles and enter 4 times, you will have 12 chances to win $20,000!

You do need to give us your basic details so we can contact you if you win. We will not use your data to contact you for any other reason, other than to tell you, you have won! There are international laws that say we can’t! So, if you DO want to hear more information about McGuigan Wines and about any future promotions, you will need to check the box underneath that says you want to hear from us. 




Last year three lucky McGuigan consumers won $20,000 to pay off their bills. Some people assume that it is people that enter 100s of times that win these prizes, but I can promise you that it really is the random luck of the draw. Here is a little insight…

  • Our winner from Far North Queensland entered twice

  • Our winner from South Queensland entered once

  • Our winner from Victoria entered six times

In saying that the more times you enter, the more chances you have to win. What if you entered for EVERY bottle of wine you buy in the next three months? How many chances to win would that give you to win $20,000?


​McGuigan Zero

If you are going Dry this July or doing Smcguigan zero product rangeober October we have your back covered too! Check out our non-alcoholic wine range called McGuigan Zero.

We have 5 fabulous wine varietals for you to choose from - Sparkling, Sauvingon Blanc, Chardonnay, Rose or Shiraz. At McGuigan, we know wine and we also know how to extract alcohol from wine.

There is a secret that makes our McGuigan Zero the number 1 range of non-alcoholic wines in Australia.

We start with a premium quality wine first! Then spin the alcohol out of it at low temperatures. There are no added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

So make the switch to McGuigan for the next 3 months... Because you love the wine and you will have more chances to win $20,000!

Order online today and be entered straight away. Shop online now!!

Or pick up a bottle at your local store on your next visit.