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What type of BBQ should you buy if you win $1,000 to spend at BBQ Galore?

Competition Now Closed

1 Jan 2021

If 2020 taught us something, it was that we crave our home to be a place of comfort and enjoyment. It is for that reason that McGuigan Wines has partnered with Barbeques Galore, Australia’s number 1 BBQ retailer, to facilitate making that dream a reality for 60 of our lucky McGuigan wine drinkers.

As Australians, we know there is nothing better than a BBQ with a good glass of Australian red wine. Whether we are having snags or fillet steak, whether we are on a balcony in the city, looking out on to the bush, or setting up for that camping trip, Barbeques Galore has got you covered.

McGuigan Wines are giving you 60 chances to win $1000 to spend at Barbeques Galore this January and February. The vouchers can be spent in-store or online at, so no matter where you are in Australia, we can help you reinvent your balcony, backyard or camping experiences. Barbeques Galore has a wide range of cooking, heating and furniture to choose from. What would you buy if you won? How would you spend your $1000? Do you need some help to choose the right type of BBQ for your home?

Pour yourself your favourite glass of McGuigan wine and let our partners at Barbeques Galore help you work out how to spend your winning voucher.

The barbeque has become a quintessential item within the Australian household. Being such an instrumental piece finding the right barbeque to complete your family can be quite daunting. With never-ending brands and ranges available in the market thinking about where to even start can get quite overwhelming. Since you are going to cook on it for many years, maybe decades, it’s important to sit back with a glass of wine as you research the right one for you.

Let’s start with the questions that need answering to kick off the research phase.

  1. What type of fuel suits your lifestyle?
  2. What type of barbeque cooking do you prefer?
  3. How often will you be using the barbeque?
  4. How many people will you be cooking for?
  5. How much outdoor space do you have?
  6. Is storage space an issue?
  7. What is your budget?


BBQ fuel types - Gas vs Charcoal

A Charcoal BBQ is great for enthusiasts who prefer the smoky taste of BBQ meat. Charcoal comes in various flavour, adding a mild smoky richness to your food. Charcoal or Heat Beads are cost-effective, simple and easy to use. It is free-standing and doesn’t require a special outdoor fit-out.


LPG or Natural gas

For those that like to cook in a hurry, a Gas BBQ heats up faster and gives you complete control of the temperature, as you do on a gas stove. It is quick and easy to light with cleaner cooking.

For a portable Gas BBQ, LPG can either be purchased with a gas bottle from many Barbeques Galore store or you can use a Swap’N’Go service at your local petrol station. Ask at your local store if this is available. The only thing that needs to be certain of is enough gas in the tank. The last thing you need is hungry mouths halfway in.

Natural gas allows a continuous supply and won’t run out mid-party. The only thing you really need to make sure you are the connection to a gas outlet at your home. Barbeques Galore can help you change your fuel store after purchase if required. Ask at your local store for more information. For gas safety tips refer to


What types of gas burners are available?

Gas BBQs come with different types of burners for example cast iron which make for powerful and even heating or stainless steel for durability. Some barbeques come with enamel coated cast iron burners that prevent corroding.

Burner ignition is an important part of firing up the BBQ. An independent flame thrower ignition will light the burner the first time every time. Flame thrower ignition, with cross lighting, will light all the burners at once. Even when it’s windy outside you can be sure those burners will light up.


Electric BBQ

If your space is undercover with power, then electric offers convenience and fast heating without the risk of running out of gas. Ideal in many gardens but also perfect for balconies in buildings where gas is not allowed. They tend to be easier to clean, with much less fuss but they do lose the romance of the smoky flavour.


Types of barbeques available:

Portable BBQ

Ideal for small balconies, picnics or camping. Choose one with folding side shelves, a detachable stand or a table top model. Various models are available in charcoal, electric and gas. Check out the Ziggy BBQ Grill.


Flat top BBQ

Traditional Australian barbeque ideal for cooking sausages, steaks and the big Aussie breakfast including pancakes. This is a no fuss quick and easy barbeque that will get the job done. Some models come with detachable legs. Available in gas models.


Hooded BBQ on cart

The most versatile option in a barbeque. A hood on your barbeque allows you to extend your cooking capabilities to include not only grilling, frying but to bake, roast, cook pizza and smoke as the hood traps heat and the barbeque acts like an oven. You can also extend your purchase of accessories to include a rotisserie. Available in LPG or NG fuel options. Hooded BBQ to build in As per above but the ‘build in’ version does not come with a stand or cart so you can build it into your outdoor room, saving money on the purchase price of the barbeque too!


Specialty BBQs to consider:

  • Gas Smoker – Slow cook your meats to perfection with a unique smoky flavour.
  • Spit – Need to cook whole pieces of meat all day? Then this is the option for you. Available with Charcoal fuel.
  • Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven – A heavy-duty oven great for baking, roasting, smoking, pizzas or grilling with an even temperature. No installation required, comes assembled. Once fired up will rise in heat rapidly and will burn for hours.
  • Modular Island BBQ – Building an Outdoor BBQ Kitchen? Then this is the most social BBQ option! Great if you have lots of space. Designs are all modular so you can tailor the build to your needs. Optional extras include preparation tables, fridges, sink and barbeque housing unit.
  • DIY BBQ – Heading to the great oudoors? Build your own Camping BBQ with plates, grills and charcoal fuel. Use them to construct a barbeque deep in the ground or in a barrel. Please remember to always check the weather conditions and if there is a fire ban before lighting an outdoor fire.

How many people will you be cooking for?

A 2 or 3 burner model is great for a couple or small family who entertain occasionally. If you have the space a 5 or 6 burner model is best for the entertainers.


What does the Warranty really cover?

All Barbeques Galore barbeques come with a warranty on the frame and components.


Looking for extra features / extra cooking methods?

Already have a BBQ? Spend your $1000 on ‘extras’ like hotplates, grills, side burners, rotisseries, add on modules, infa-red burner options or general BBQ accessories.



Your winning $1000 voucher can be used to pay for your BBQ, extras and delivery. Want to spend more? If you have a bigger item that you wish to purchase you can. Any cost over $1000 will be at your own expense.


Technical Support and Maintenance

A BBQ is a long term investment but when you store them outside they are susceptible to rust and damage. Barbeques Galore can help you with guidance in how to look after and clean your new pride and joy. We recommend including a cover in your purchase to keep your BBQ looking the part.



Comptetiton has now ended. Congratulations to our BBQ Galore $1000 Competition Winners.