Don’t forget your Zero Hero this summer!

Hosting a BBQ? What non-alcoholic drinks to server your Designated Drivers?

What is a Designated Driver? Well, they are the fabulous person who takes one for the team, choosing not to drink so that everyone can get home safely. It could be a parent, a partner, or a good mate. In Australia, we call them ‘Bloody Legends!’

For too long these unsung heroes have carted us back and forward from dinner, the pub or our mate’s BBQ. They have sat quietly in the corner sipping on their sugary coke, taking in all the shenanigans, so they can tell you what you got up to the next day.

No longer do they need to suffer death by sugar or bland tap water, there are some new drinks in town and the bar is open for our Zero Heroes! There is a whole world of new non-alcoholic drinks in the beer, wine and spirits categories.

So, whether you are going out for dinner, or hosting a BBQ, make sure you are giving these Bloody Legends, a quality non-alcoholic alternative that they deserve.

More of us spending more time at home and having small family and friend gatherings. Make sure you are stocked up with offerings for those who are driving your favourite people over to your house to see you.

Here are a few of our top non-alcoholic drink recommendations:
Our favourite non-alcoholic wine

We are of course going to recommend McGuigan Wines new range, Zero as your first choice in non-alcoholic wine, and here is why.

There are several ways to make a low alcohol wine. One is to stop the ferment early. Fermentation is where the sugar turns to alcohol. When you stop it, you have less alcohol but are left with lots of residual sugar, which is why a lot of low alcohol wines are very sweet. Sugar is not necessarily added, it is due to the production of the wine not being fully finished.

At McGuigan Wines, we have the only Spinning Cone in the Southern Hemisphere. Premium quality Autralian Wine, that has been fully fermented, is spun in the cone at low temperatures to gently remove the alcohol resulting in an exceptional wine with 0.05% alcohol. Non-alcoholic wine also has the added bonus of being a lower calorie wine.

The wines are light and refreshing. Perfect for that summer barbeque when you don’t want to drink alcohol in the sun or for your designated drivers to enjoy with a big juicy barbequed steak with a glass of red wine. There are five wines in the range – Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Rosé, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Click here for the tasting notes. Click here for recipes for Non-alcoholic punch!

A 150ml glass of McGuigan Zero is between 31 calories (Zero rosé wine) and 51 calories (Zero sparkling wine) per glass.

Our favourite non-alcoholic spirits

This is a new category that is exploding with fabulous new brands to experiment with. Seedlip and Lyre’s are two brands leading the charge, each with a range of different flavours. Have with soda, or experiment to create mocktails. Lyre’s has just released a fabulous new range of non-alcoholic drinks in a can. A refreshing can of G&T is ideal for the BBQ occasion.

Lyre’s G&T can is 58 calories per can.

Our favourite non-alcoholic beer

Most of the big players have a non-alcoholic beer – Holstein, Heineken, Carlton and Peroni all have great offerings. Look out for the new craft beers that are tapping into the market. They are great for a warm day in the back yard.

Heineken Zero is full of flavour with a soft malty body and only 33 calories per bottle.

At the BBQ

Don’t forget your Zero Hero this summer!

If you are up touring the Hunter Valley Wineries over the next couple of months be sure to pop into McGuigan Wines to sample our non-alcoholic Zero Collection. McGuigan Wines is the most highly awarded Australian Wine brand in the Hunter Valley. Book your visit here.