A guide to pairing your summer BBQ with a Pinot Noir

When it comes to hosting a backyard barbeque, we know that wine and food pairing can seem overwhelming but if you’re looking for a wine that is versatile and matches well with just about any cuisine, nothing beats a glass of pinot noir.

Pinot noir is an ever-delicate grape that requires a great deal of patience and skilled handling, making it one of the most elegant and complex wines in the world. Originating in Burgundy France, pinot noir is a thin-skinned, light to medium bodied variety that wine lovers have come to appreciate.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder BBQ wine, Pinot Noir is a great option.

Pinot noir BBQ pairing guide

Pinot noir is a juicy,

n. Known for its natural cherry and game characters, this lighter style red pairs perfectly with the sweet and smoky flavours of a classic Australian barbeque.


food-friendly red wine that will complete your next grilling sesh on a warm summer’s day. Lightly chilled and served along-side a grilled steak, duck or even chicken – you’ll be surprised with how well a glass of pinot noir matches.

Depending on the style of pinot noir you’re drinking, the smoky and earthy undertones of the wine won’t suppress the flavours in the food, especially if it is a bit fatty, as the wine will bring balance to overall flavours in the dish.

Generally, it’s important to think about the flavours of the food you’re cooking and the taste of the wine that will be served. For instance, smoked meats pair wonderfully with a pinot noir from France as there are corresponding smoky and gamey flavours. While Australian Pinot Noirs tend to be fruitier, making it a perfect match with a barbeque pork dish.

Pinot noir and food pairing recipe, just for you

McGuigan is a highly awarded winery based in the Hunter Valley region. Enjoy a McGuigan Single Batch Project Pinot Noir with this Dukkah Crusted Loin Chops with Watermelon Salad recipe.

McGuigan Wines has released a contemporary alcohol-free range that allows you to enjoy wine without the alcohol. The flavour profile and characteristics of each variety are as you would expect, proving that you don’t need alcohol to enjoy a full-flavoured experience in the glass.

If supporting local matters to you, here are a selection of essential summer wines (perfect for your next gathering):

McGuigan Single Batch Pinot Noir

Light ruby red in colour with purple hues, the nose is filled with aromas of fresh strawberries and hints of spice. On the palate, typical red berries and cherry combine with judicious oak integration, the firm acidity and soft tannins rounding out a balanced and long-lasting finish.

McGuigan Single Batch Project Rosé

This fresh and crisp Dry Rosé embodies intense flavours of fresh strawberries and cream with hints of citrus fruits, reflective of its aromatics. This wine has a clean, crisp finish. This wine pairs perfectly with a range of dishes including light salads, pasta, seafood dishes and goats’ cheese.

McGuigan Zero Dry Rosé

Bright, lifted aromas of delicate red fruits complemented with hints of rose petal. The palate is generous, with flavours of strawberries and pink grapefruit, leading to a crisp and refreshing finish.


McGuigan Zero Dry Sparkling

Elegant and refreshing, featuring crisp pear and green apple, lively bubbles, and an attractive crisp finish. Perfect when celebrating any occasion or enjoy as an aperitif.

McGuigan Zero Chardonnay

Attractive aromas of white peach combined with subtle influences of vanilla and oak. The palate is driven by stone fruit and honey melon flavours with toasty oak ensuring a well-rounded, generous finish

McGuigan Zero Shiraz

Subtle spice and vanilla notes complemented by plum and forest berry aromas. This Shiraz has a good length of flavour with sweet blackcurrants and a balanced finish.