McGuigan Zero FAQs

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What does ‘Zero’ mean?

It means there is no more than 0.05% residual alcohol remaining in the wine

Are there any additives?

No, everything in McGuigan Zero is derived from wine grapes; no artificial sweeteners or flavours

Is it vegan friendly?

Whilst it’s not vegan yet, McGuigan is working on it and hope to make it vegan-friendly in the next few years

Are there any health benefits of Zero?

Lower calories – alcohol has calories in it; a 250ml glass of 12% alcohol wine can be around 210 calories whilst a 250ml glass of McGuigan Zero Rosé is less than 55 calories*

Lower sugar – Zero Rosé has 38 grams per litre; significantly less than orange juice (88g/L) or Coke (106g/L)**

Gluten free – for those with an intolerance, no gluten products are used in the making of Zero wines

Zero refined sugar – the only sugars contained in Zero wines is from the grapes; no refined sugar is added

How should I drink the Shiraz?

Slightly chilled to enhance the flavour

Anything else I should know?

The McGuigan winery is committed to sustainable winemaking practices, with 100% of our Buronga Hill winery’s electricity generated by renewable energy

Why is there a ‘nutritional information’ panel and ‘best before’ date on the back label?

Nutritional information ensures you know the kilojoules, protein, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, sugars and salt in the wine. Removing alcohol reduces the wine’s capacity to age, so to ensure it tastes exactly how the winemaker intended we recommend enjoying Zero on or before the ‘best before’ date specified on the label

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